An Open Letter To America

Last night was one of the hardest nights of my life, and I cried through most of it. But it’s time to pull myself together and pull my thoughts together.

This is a setback. This is undoubtedly a setback. We’ve never had a president like Trump before, and I honestly have no idea what will happen. This is totally uncharted territory. Honestly though, what scares me most is not Donald Trump. What scares me is those who came out to support him, those who truly believe in building a wall, banning a religion from our country, selecting Supreme Court justices who will reverse so much of the progress that has been made the last few years. This bigotry in the country that I love astounds and horrifies me.

I woke up today feeling nauseous and scared and I still can’t believe that last night was not an awful dream. Mainly, though, I can’t stop thinking about the kids. I can’t stop thinking about Dario, an 8 year old boy that I mentored last semester. He was so smart and so interested in politics. He kept asking me about each candidates policies and how the electoral college worked. He confided in me how scared he was of a Trump presidency because he didn’t want his family deported. I hugged him and assured him that wouldn’t happen. I feel sick thinking about that now. I can’t stop thinking about my younger cousin Daniel, who would talk about how he didn’t like Trump and his support for Hillary constantly. He is 10 right now, and will grow into a young black teenager under a Trump presidency. I am scared of what that will do to him. We are not born hating, hate is taught. Our children watch and they learn. I am so scared of what they will learn over the next 4 years.

But it’s time to get up, and get back to work. Keep fighting for what is right; let your voices be heard. No one can stop you from being a loving, kind, generous person. Support those who will need it, those that have been targeted the most in this election, those whose future looks the most unsure right now. Fight for them and their rights. Although Hillary may not have won, don’t let her ideas and what she stood for lose as well. Stay active and involved and stay strong. It’s so easy to be discouraged, but the fight is not over. Together, united, we will get through this.


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